Gabe Larose

“Amazing performance!!

Chill Vibes!!!  Everyone's favorite songs to listen to !!!  Will gladly hire Gabe again!!.”

Anne Neblett Murphy

-Owner of Bowler Hat Brewing Company

“Gabe’s diverse musical training

and background really showcases

itself in this album. He is not just another guitar-playing guy!! He is a true artist with many many important and enduring musical ideas to create and share! This album is original, well-thought-out, and beautifully executed, just like his live performance.”

Karen L. Young

- Professor of Voice

University of Alabama in Huntsville

"Whether I am taking a customer out for dinner, or just taking my family out

for a quick bite to eat, Gabe is one of the first artists in town I look for. From his skill on guitar,  wide range of music, or just

his attention to detail, he is an act you don’t want to miss.  If you are lucky you may

even catch his wife providing some beautiful harmony vocals on some of his song sections."

- Jamie Beck

Upcoming Performances

Furniture Factory.Furniture FactoryBar and Grill · Huntsville, Alabama

June 3 Furniture Factory  with Full Circle

July 15 Furniture Factory e with Full Circle

August 12 Furniture Factory  with Full Circle

September 9 Furniture Factory with Full Circle

Nick’s Ristorante - Huntsville, AL

April 15 Nick’s solo 6-9

May 3 Nick’s solo 6-9

June 7 Nick’s solo 6-9

June 28 Nick’s solo 6-9

Perfect Timing

April 21

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April 2023

April 14 Cotton Row

April 15 Nick’s solo 6-9

April 20 Champy’s 6-9

April 21st Perfect Timing

April 22 Cotton Row

April 23 Wedding Monte Sano Lodge

April 28 Panoply 3 Savile Row 5:15-6:00

April 28 Furniture Factory Providence with Full Circle 8:30-11:30

April 29 Church Street Wine Shoppe Providence 6:30-8:30

May 2023

May 3 Nick’s solo 6-9

May 4 Champy’s 6-9

May 5 Cotton Row

May 6 Colors recital

May 6 Porchfest

May 12 Cotton Row

May 13 Open Bottle SHS 8-11

May 18 Champy’s 6-9

May 19th Perfect Timing

May 20 Pub 412 7-10

May 26 Furniture Factory Providence with Full Circle 8:30-11:30

May 27 Cotton Row

June 2023

June 1 Champy’s 6-9

June 3 Ditto fundraiser 1-3

June 3 Furniture Factory with Full Circle

June 7 Nick’s solo 6-9

June 10 Sports Page solo 9-12

June 23rd Perfect Timing

June 28 Nick’s solo 6-9

July 2023

July 1 Henderson 4th of July Party

July 15 Furniture Factory with Full Circle

July 21st Perfect Timing

July 22 Private birthday Guntersville

August 2023

Aug 3 9:20 Dermatology

Aug 4 Wine Cellar SHS

August 12 Furniture Factory with Full Circle

Aug 18th Perfect Timing

September 2023

September 9 Furniture Factory with Full Circle

Sep 22nd Perfect Timing

October 2023

Oct 6 Wine Cellar SHS

Oct 20th Perfect Timing

December 2023

Dec 7 QTEC Christmas 6-10


Gabe Larose's latest album of original songs, Rule of Thirds, continues his exploration of the nexus between 70's hard rock and singer/songwriter styles.

His guitar playing is front and center throughout the album, both acoustic and electric, and even classical on the instrumental "Lavender Magnolia".

His singing is complemented by Rachel Larose's harmony vocals on several tunes, yet they swap roles on "Symbol of Hope."

Many of his songs were developed in live performances with his former band Soundtrust. There's plenty of variety on this album, but at the heart of every track is a fidelity to influences such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, America, Fleetwood Mac and Kansas. 

Through the Motions, released in 2015, features tight playing in support of a wide variety of lyrical themes.

Gabe Larose's 2009 release, Reinvention, was his first solo album of original tunes.

When he is not working as a private guitar instructor, Gabe Larose can be found throughout the Huntsville, Alabama, area playing shows at night and on weekends, both solo and with his band.

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Through the Motions

Rule of Thirds